William Gallas, Arsenal, and the "Extravagant" Contract Demands

Samuel Mensah@@MensahBoGAnalyst IMay 13, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 20:  William Gallas of Arsenal in action during the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Bolton Wanderers at The Emirates Stadium on January 20, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
Julian Finney/Getty Images

It is well known that Arsenal have become the tightest when it comes to loosening the the knot around the transfer kitty. They are just as tight when it comes to their own players contracts, also.

The biggest example of this was the infamous "Cashley" Cole saga which left him having secret meetings with Chelsea officials and almost crashing his car. God forbid.

The other contract problems Arsenal have is their belief in only offering a player a year extension on a contract after a certain age. This has proved a questionable policy, as in years past players like Gilberto Silva have been forced away despite having a lot to still offer Arsenal.

The newest player to fall foul of both strangleholds is Arsenal's ex-captain and senior starting CB, William Gallas. Gallas has previously shown disrespect to club, lost his captaincy, and has fallen out with teammates, culminating in a slight break up in the Arsenal squad and loss of players.

It appears again that here is another player who has no real desire to play for Arsenal but just wants the money in the bank. Indeed the only reason he left Chelsea was that he believed himself to be a center back, while Mourinho thought otherwise. Though loved by the fans at Chelsea, he was slowly being fazed out.

Being French, Wenger offered him a chance at Arsenal in the central position. Strange that since that move Arsenal have won nothing, and our defensive problems have worsened. Worse still players that once were loved at Arsenal had a great disliking for this guy, some subsequently leaving.

Apparently Arsenal upped the number of years on the proposed contact to two. but with Gallas wanting £80,000 a week that would cost a total of £8 million.

Peter Hill-Wood has perhaps put the nail in the coffin, stating to the media that Gallas is making the deal hard due to "extravagant demands". A player such as Gallas would take that as a public insult, so I believe we may have seen his last days unless Arsenal give in—which they have no history of doing.

I have previously expressed my disappointment in the type of players we often find in our squad. Also the loss of our identity is easy for me to see, though it may be harder for others. No players seem to express their interest in ending their career with Arsenal, and even if they may want to Arsene makes it very hard for them with his over-the-hill policy.

It helps make my point about keeping hold of and purchasing more homegrown talent, because they tend to be more loyal to the homegrown clubs. A homegrown player would put winning the Premiership over the Champions League as their ambition. Obviously every player wants to win the Champions League, but there is something in the difference in priority.

A foreign player's head will always be turned slightly more for the glitz and glamour of Europe—hence why so many of Arsenal's foreign stars have disappeared to pastures new. The lack of loyalty in the Arsenal ranks over the last few years has been very disappointing, and so it carries on.

This Gallas situation is a blow, as Arsene would have been looking to strengthen his squad this year, but once again immediate replacements will have to be made. The message this sends out to me is one of a weak camp with a slightly weak manager. Arsene really needs to grab this squad by the scruff of the neck.

Obviously Gallas has seen enough and is no longer impressed.