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bob mantz@bobsblitzSenior Writer IJuly 19, 2008

BusinessWeek is asking sports fans—who are the most influential figures in sports today?

Bleacher Report asked if media members (newspaper and magazine columnists, bloggers, broadcast journalists, fan journalists) who have the ability to mold public perception on the topic of sports in the running.


Well, I changed my Bleacher Profile and my YouTube profile a few weeks back asking for your vote.  Hell, Bleacher Report is taking off like wildfire—with ONE MILLION unique visitors this past June—so why not?



Last year's winner was NFL commish Roger Goodell, followed by Tiger Woods and David Stern. 



Apparently, however, I am not the only fan journalist with this idea.  I'm not going to link to their page, however, as their google rank is seventh, while ours is fifth, so he doesn't need the help. 


But guess what?  He is currently in the top-ten vote-wise!  Tiger Woods leads by the way.



So, forget it.  It can be done.  Vote 'Bob Mantz' at


Yeah, I can be as big an egomaniac as the next guy. Heck it's more conceivable than my BobMantzCampaignForPresident!



Thank you for your support.


I am Bob Mantz, and I approve this message.


Contact Bob at


My first endorsement just arrived:


Kevin Canessa, Jr. of the Hudson Line contacted me and said, "You and Sid Rosenberg both get my support for the Business Week Top 100."                                                        


I was in the Top-10 briefly so keep Voting!

See photo above...