A Terrible Coincidence?

Angie MeyerContributor IIMay 13, 2010
We know sports are glamorous, and the women who love sports are even more glamorous, however, is it possible to be to beautiful to play the game? I ask that question in a vague yet serious manner, as something very discerning has come to my attention.
Two absolutely beautiful woman athletes have been found, brutally murdered, in one weeks time. The similarities between the two women are staggering.
Couple each of these stories with the death threats that plague ESPN host Erin Andrews, and Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson's encounter with a massive stalker, and we have a very alarming situation at hand. Are the glamorous women who've embarked in the male dominated world of sports opening themselves up in the line of fire?
Yeardley Love was a phenomenal athlete, and an integral member of the University of Virginia women's lacrosse team. May 3, 2010, she was found unresponsive in her apartment, police immediately suspected foul play. The suspect? Her former boyfriend, men's lacrosse player George Westly Huguely. Yeardley, a bright and fabulously stunning athlete, died of blunt head trauma at 22. Yeardley's story has left the UVA student body,the NCAA, and the entire country bewildered. How can something like this happen to such a beautiful, talented soul? It later surfaced, that her ex, George Huguely had a history of aggressive behavior towards women. In fact, University of North Carolina lacrosse players tried to separate the quarreling couple two months ago at a party, after Huguely became violent with Love. Many other instances of violence ensued before and post event, but students, staff, and faculty turned a blind eye. Perhaps it was because they were both parties were standout athletes within the University?
Erica Blasberg. An up-and-coming force on the Women's Pro Golf Circuit. Interestingly, she bared a remarkable resemblance to Yeardley Love. She as found dead at her apartment in Las Vegas on May 9, 2010, just six days after the sad news of Love's death. Erica Blasberg was only 25 years of age.
One of the most photogenic women's golfers in the country, she had just inked an endorsement deal with Puma. In addition, Erica competed favorably in the LPGA Championship, U.S. Women's Open, Women's British Open, and Kraft Nabisco Championship.
There has been no cause of death reported as of yet, however, Erica's father suspects foul play. Police are currently undergoing an extensive investigation and awaiting autopsy results for further information.
Shaun Johnson. America's favorite gymnast, and Dancing With the Stars Season 8 Champion.
March 25, 2009, 34-year old Robert O'Ryan was arrested for jumping the fence at the CBS Lot, the soundstage where the popular celebrity ballroom dance show is taped. Upon his arrest, it was found in court documents that in his possession, he carried to CBS: guns, duct tape, zip ties, and love letters addressed to Shawn Johnson. According to Sports Illustrated, O'Ryan told police that he traveled to Los Angeles from Florida after believing "Johnson spoke to him through the television via ESP, stated they would be together and have a child." Shawn, and her family have filed a restraining order against O'Ryan. Shawn Johnson was only 17.
Erin Andrews. ESPN host/Ultimate Sports Glam Girl, and current Dancing With the Stars contestant. After her excruciating incident last summer, when a peeping-tom drilled a hole through her hotel wall, and videotaped her undressing, it has now come to light that she's been receiving death threats, prompting the FBI and security around her tightened. Reportedly, the threats were sent to her through the Dan Patrick Radio Show. I can personally attest to this situation. Having worked on Dancing With the Stars for a number of seasons, and recently witnessing the extreme change in security checkpoint requirements, it's apparent the threats are very much real, and all persuasions have are being taken.
While each story comes with a different set of circumstances, each situation reeks of an eerie familiarity. Each victim is a beautiful woman, talented woman, widely successful in the world of sports. Might there be a correlation? You decide.
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