Things Are Looking Bright For The 'American Dragon'

Eddie BurkeContributor IMay 13, 2010

When Daniel Bryan first arrived in the WWE, there were high hopes for the ‘best wrestler in the World’. So when it was announced that Daniel Bryan would be competing on the WWE’s new show NXT, a reality based show for rookies, it came as a surprise for a lot of people when they found out that Daniel Bryan’s first appearance in the WWE would be as a ‘Rookie’. 
People quickly became talking about Bryan’s new career in the WWE and if it was the right move for him to leave the Independent scene. People were not sure if Daniel Bryan was the right fit for the flashy WWE. Things looked positive at first; it was Daniel Bryan who kicked off the first ever NXT show and after the first night it looked like he was going to be having a rivalry with The Miz. But it was after his first loss on NXT that things started to look bad for him as he started his WWE career on a losing streak against rookies. 
There were many rumours flooding around the Internet on whether the WWE would just mis-use Daniel or if they were going somewhere with this losing streak. Daniel’s losing streak brought a lot of concern to his fans, but some stayed optimistic. People were saying that it was only a matter of time before he got his first win and then went on to win NXT. 
Outside of NXT, things were indeed looking good for Daniel Bryan. On Raw he pushed Batista to the limit by almost making he tap out, making Daniel look a lot more dangerous than on NXT. And then a week later he pinned Santino Marella in an eight-on-four handicap match on Raw. 
Finally thing’s started to look positive for Daniel Bryan and so it came as quiet a shock for a lot of fans when they found out that he had been eliminated from NXT. The fans predictions of having him bounce back and win NXT were all wrong and it Daniel Bryan’s career in the WWE looked bleak. 
But it wasn’t long before fans were pleased again when Daniel Bryan was interviewed by Matt Striker after his elimination on NXT. It was music to a lot of fans’ ears as they heard him respond to Strikers’ question  on what was next for ‘this guy’…
‘Daniel Bryan might be done, but eh…Bryan Danielson, God knows what’s going to happen to him’. 
Could this be the turning point for Daniel Bryan’s, or should I say Bryan Danielson’s career? The fans questions of whether he would be used right or not seem to have been answered because by the looks of it, if he comes back as Bryan Danielson then things are certainly looking bright for the ‘American Dragon’.