Coaches Corner: Coach Shafers "press coverage"

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Coaches Corner: Coach Shafers
After talking base defense in general, Coach Shafer talked about how he teaches Press Coverage.

He did not have time to finish, which is why I did not write about Press Coverage when I wrote about base defense.

There seems to be some interest, so I will share what Coach Shafer talked about. Bump and Run technique is same as offensive line blocking, you do it mostly by moving your feet.

There are three keys to Press Coverage

1) Eyes: Do not take your eyes off the Wide Receiver.

2) Feet: Position feet properly, and never stop moving them

3) Hands: Get your hands on the Wide Receiver.

How to line up:

1) Stagger your stance.

2) Line up arms length away from Wide Receiver.

3) Always, keep your face under Wide Receivers face.

Read Wide Receivers release:

1) If shoulders are high, read, we fly.

2) If shoulders drop, we stop.

Once ball is the air, play the ball:

1) Three eyes, one on Wide Receiver, one on ball, one on Quarterback. That is as far as Coach Shafer got. I did watch him coach up Warren and Woolfolk so can vouch he did exactly what he talked about.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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