The MM6 Report : ' The Mismanaged 6 ' For TNA May 2010

Nathan WintersContributor IIIMay 12, 2010

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 27:  TNA President Dixie Carter and wrestler Hulk Hogan attends the launch of his book 'My Life Outside the Ring' at Madison Square Garden on October 27, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)
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The MM6 Report #1 : ' The Mismanaged 6 ' For TNA May 2010

The MM6 report? What is it, the quick and simple breakdown of 6 of the top mismanaged components of either a promotion, division or brand.

For May 2010, it's TNA wrestling's top 6 mismanaged talents. 

May 2010, marks 5 months since the debut of Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff for TNA Wrestling. In blind arrogance, almost complete ignorance we were told of an evolution, a revolution even. And even talk of war. Hulk Hogan himself said the power of Hulkamania was enough, he babbled, rambled, and talked the talk and put over TNA as the next legendary crusaders to chase the Holy Grail. 

In those months, friends hired friends. Friends booked for friends. And friends failed friends. The company's play for part of Monday nights wrestling ratings hit the brakes and eventually hit a wall as poor booking and weak story lines ripped shreds through TNA's so called winds of changed. 

6 : Black Machismo Jay Lethal

A former 3 time X Division champion & Tag Team champion. Since 2007's extreme make over, Lethal's Macho Man persona has been a staple of not only the X Division, but TNA programming in general since. Often a highlight of Impact both inside and outside the ring. 

Athletically gifted, charismatic and comfortable in front of both the mic and live crowd. The question remains, why hasn't TNA management asked Lethal to focus his talents on building and developing an original character? A means to outgrow the mid-card status and break free of any restrictions the stigma of being a ' X Division wrestler ' can bring. 

5 : Brian Kendrick

Standing at 5'8" and barely 185lbs, yet still being one half of the longest reigning WWE Tag Team champions since it's inception must mean something. It means Brian Kendrick is just that good. ROH fans will agree, and any one who saw his work on Smackdown and Raw as renaissance man " The Brian Kendrick " saw the potential the former Spanky had for success. Like Lethal, Kendrick is athletically gifted, charismatic and comfortable in front of the mic. The swagger commanded heat, a new move set supported his change and the self-righteousness of his promos cemented Kendrick as truly a heel to hate. 

A star was born in the WWE, personal mistakes meant Kendrick never got a chance to shine. Yet why is Kendrick being jobbed to the likes of Ink. Inc as recently as this month?

4 : Chris Sabin

One half of the most credible, talented and deserving tag teams in the business, a multi-time X Division champion, X Division mainstay, and one of the longest serving wrestlers on TNA's roster. In every sense of the word, the definition of the North American light-heavyweight worker. The wrestling credentials, gimmick, a potential brand in the MCMG image, the looks, charisma and most importantly super quick crisp and smooth execution combined with a devil may care, throwing caution to the wind attack that a company was founded on in 2002. 

3. Alex Shelley. 

With more wrestling ability in his right hand, and more charisma in his left than most. Alex Shelley is to TNA wrestling what a young Chris Jericho was to WCW. Shelley pulls the punches with a combination of world class mat wrestling, a quick pace and unmatched speed, and all the charismatic traits of much more established and prolific performers in the vain of all ready mentioned, young Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero or Shawn Michaels. 

A single X Division title reign for Shelley, and The Guns never holding tag team gold, means someone is incredibly misguided. 

2. Jeff Hardy. 

The Rock star. Come late 2008, Jeff was the hottest ticket in the business. 2009, Hardy saw unmatched success as the always exciting Hardy grew from long term mid card attraction to World Champion. 

Sadly WWE's 2009 feature attraction became second fiddle to the debuting Rob Van Dam. The hype, the buzz and excitement Hardy generated just walking to the WWE ring, was lost on TNA. The most exciting champion for almost a decade, became RVD's understudy. 

If TNA was serious about firing shots in the " war " with the WWE on Monday nights, Jeff Hardy should have been your gunman. 

1. Mr. Anderson

From day one in the WWE, the then Mr. Kennedy was destined for success. Given McMahon's middle name as a blessing. Kennedy grew and grew within the restrictions of the WWE's walls becoming one of the most entertaining and engaging heels for some time. 

While a program with Kurt Angle is nothing to complain about. TNA's focus was a feud over.. a ring? A ring mind you, representing another promotion's Hall of Fame, TNA's apparent competitor the WWE. 

Anderson in every sense of the word. A World Champion. Whether it's some time in 2010, or next year. TNA has potentially the most engaging character for along time in it's hands, yet has failed to understand this.

What Jeff Hardy could do for attracting an audience, Anderson could do for maintaining it, growing it and keeping it.