The Most Important Portland Trailblazers Topics of the Summer

Busta BucketCorrespondent IMay 12, 2010

On April 29th, Portland's 2009-10 season came to a close.

I think it's safe to say that since that time we Blazer fans collectively went from frustrated, to sad, to a stunning realization that sports have no actual meaning in the grand-scheme of the universe, to going to that place with the cheap Chinese buffet a couple times, to hopeful for next season.

But before gathering up all of our unrealistic expectations and heaping them on to 2010-11, it is worthwhile to frame the upcoming points of interest for summer of 2010. I've ranked them in order of interest (to me) below. For purposes of my own mental well-being I've excluded any and all injury or rehabbing talk.

3: NBA Draft

Okay, so this may not be all that interesting from a Blazers perspective this year. It makes the list because I'm something of a Draft Nerd. No, nerds are smart and well informed. I think "dork" is the label I'm searching for, but I haven't heard anybody use that word in a while. Anyways, the Blazers don't seem to be in a very sexy position going into the draft. Can they find an impact player in the late first or second round? Will they just draft another raw Euro that may never suit up? I guess we should get used to this team not being in the lottery every year. But watching the draft with the expectation that Kevin Pritchard is going to make a significant move at some point during the festivities is always fun. Although who knows if KP has that kind of freedom anymore or if he'll even have a job. This will come up later on the list.

2: Trades/Signings

Much like we've gotten used to exciting draft day's during KP's tenure, I now assume there will be some dramatic trades/signings/not-signings over the summer. We probably won't get another Turko-style soap opera this time but interesting moves are possible. Will they decided to shop Rudy for a happier camper (that can play defense)? Will we actually get to see Euros Freeland or Koponen in any capacity? Will we see anything interesting in summer league? What about other stuff I can't think of? Do you think that will happen?

1: The continued employment of Kevin Pritchard, or lack thereof

Yep, whether the GM will be fired or not really will be the most compelling story of the summer. I've said this before, but the fact that these articles continue to exist blow my mind. The outside perspective seems to suggest that the Blazers are trying to rid themselves of the GM that fans love. KP's right hand man has been taken out. Pritchard being fired would be total bullshit. It would taste even worse if they brought in Whitsitt Jr. (pictured above) to replace him. Can we get our main man (Shout out to Ahmad Rashad! Your wife is creepy!) over at Squirrelevant to make some pro-KP shirts?