Is TNA Management Smarter Than We Think?

Steven KingContributor IMay 12, 2010

Now, we've all seen the mistakes TNA has made since Hogan and Bischoff took over. And most of us who write articles on here have written about it.

But, despite what alot of people might say, one of their best moves was moving their show to Monday nights.

Okay, before you go and start writting comments, read the rest of this article.

Yes, they failed misserably, but the move it self did get peoples attention. Ignore their recently aquired talent for a few seconds. Haven't people been paying more attention to TNA since they declared war against the WWE. I know I have.

I could be speaking for my self right now, but the declaration got the attention that they wanted and it almost makes me think that they had no true intention of making this a long term battle, especially when you consider the fact that they never stopped showing TNA on Thursdays.

So, taking all these things into consideration, do you think TNA made a great move that might've just been seen as another failure?

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