The Return Of The American Dragon, Bryan Danielson!!!

JC Augustine@Spartanjohn113Correspondent IMay 11, 2010

Daniel Bryan was eliminated on the 5/11/10 edition of WWE NXT. Bryan, Tarver, and Sheffield are the rookies eliminated from the show at this point. 

Both Tarver and Bryan were interviewed backstage of NXT after their eliminations from NXT. 

When Bryan was interviewed this is what he said; “"Daniel Bryan" is done, but Bryan Danielson has just begun.”

HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!

That is the only reaction I have to this, hopefully we will see more of the American Dragon performances, for example the 5/3/10 edition of Monday Night Raw but with Bryan Danielson and not Daniel Bryan, the ROH veteran is going to be kick ass, taking names, and as his opponents well. The old ROH chant goes, you’re going to get your f#$%ing head kicked in!

Anyone else notice that the beard is coming back? It’s like a Jedi without his lightsaber or better yet Chuck Norris without his beard, you don’t kick ass without it.  

The American Dragon even got an endorsement from Jim Ross!Daniel Bryan aka Bryan Danielson is by far the best pure wrestler of the NXT group, eliminated or not, and no matter what his name may or may not be today. 


My prediction is that Bret Hart will introduce Bryan Danielson as his substitute on the 5/17/10 RAW in the U.S. title match with The Miz and with the Hart families help Bryan Danielson wins the United States Championship and it will truly be……………


PS: This is also epic, his entrance