Blonde Drops Freudian Bombshell On Tiger

Larry KornweissCorrespondent IMay 11, 2010

The Golf Channel turned into must-see TV this past Sunday afternoon.  For those who didn't catch Sunday's broadcast, a reporter for the cable network provided X-rated commentary about golfer Tiger Woods in what was perhaps the classic Freudian slip of the sports decade. 

During the broadcast of the Players Championship (which is appropriately named when you consider Tiger's recent indiscretions), blonde reporter Win McMurry confused the golfer's neck pain for something a bit lower down on the anatomical totem pole.

"Woods says he's been playing with a bad neck for about a month and thinks it could be a bulging d--k," stated McMurry.  However, McMurry quickly corrected herself by informing viewers she was referring to a disk in Tiger's lower back and not the four-letter body part that he has gratuitously shared with a parade of party girls and porn stars.

Tiger's pain from a bulging d--k (ahem.....disk) ultimately forced Tiger to pull out of the tournament prematurely.  Wow, what's that you're thinking?  Tiger needing to pull out of something other than his mistresses?  For surely I jest, but the point is simple.  Win McMurry owes no apologies, for despite her disk gaffe and ensuing self-correction, is there anyone out there who doesn't flash a childish grin at the mere thought of her reporting faux pas?  The fact remains that her commentary is simply a reflection of the connotation that most sports fans now attach to the once-deified golfer.