Fantasy Land Time;the Lull Between Spring and Season Begin!

Ren C.Correspondent IMay 11, 2010

It's that time of year again,the time when football fans drink too much  Kool -aid and begin prognostications.  The trouble with such prognostications are these.  When one brags to much on a team or a conference,when one puts out desires as totally done deals,before the games are played.  One ends up a very let down ground hog.

One should never gamble,bet or take a chance on highly hoped for pronouncements,illusions of grandeur,lofty wins or trophies won before said deeds are done.

But that is the life of a sports fan.  The excitement,the sheer fantasy that your team is going all the way.  The excitement that your team is going to stand on the top of that hill.  Forget looking at the stats and the real world.  This is fantasy,where your team can pull out a magical saber and take down the Frey.  Where they go into the game like wizards and do wrought strong magic over the opposition.

Then the day arrives for season begin,and for most fantasy driven fans,the truth hits harder than the space shuttle across their bough. 

But that is the fun of the fantasy,the living outside reality and truth of the team.

Go forth and sit on the lilly pad and dream.  Who knows?  Your team may end up on top of the heap.