The Best Bait for Prize-Winning Bass

Jess KContributor IIIMay 11, 2010

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For those into fishing for prize gamefish, bass are a best bet. In fact, they are considered the best fresh-water fighters, pound for pound. Both the Smallmouth Bass and the Largemouth Bass fishing are targeted as popular gamefish throughout North America and Canada.

If fishing in spring time, bass can be found in back bays, shallow and full of weeds. They head for the shade as the day grows hotter. As summer draws near, bass can more easily be found close to docks and piers, banks that have shade or trees nearby, or even lily pads. In autumn, these fish begin to slow down, as their hibernating season is coming closer. They will slowly move towards the deeper water in which they will hibernate throughout winter.

In searching for bait, it is difficult to know which ones are best and will catch you the optimum number of fish. In the springtime fishing tackle like, floating worms, Texas-rigged worms, Buzz Baits and Spinner Baits are hot items as far as generating a catch of Largemouth Bass to your satisfaction. For Smallmouth Bass, crankbaits, imitation crawfish, and jigs are effective. During the summer, use lures that can enter the hideouts of the shade-seeking Bass. Try craws and worms. Early in the morning and later in the evening, topwater lures work well, as both Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass hunt for their food at that time of day to avoid the summer heat. In autumn, try out crank-baits and jigs; they are slow moving, keeping with the change of movement for the bass. As they are preparing for hibernation, it should be easier to catch them during their increase in consumption.

A list of the most popular bait on the market is following. Plastic Worms are the top on the list, considered the best lure for large trophy bass. It might take time to understand how to effectively use the plastic worm, but those who persist at practicing often will be rewarded with prize-winning bass, many of them. Crankbaits, also called imitation crawfish, are found in various colors, shapes and sizes; they are easier to use than the plastic worms, and they are successful in many different forms of water. Spinnerbaits, which resemble baitfish, are able to cover a good amount of water very quickly, and are likely to catch larger bass. If entering a tournament, try a jig and pig, as they also catch superior bass. Other popular baits are topwater plugs, tail spinners, spoons, grubs, and jerk baits.

Each form of bait has its own personal “plusses”, and different varieties work better for different people and their unique approach to bass fishing. Trial and error and persistence will be met with great satisfaction and success.