Update on WWE's Raw General Manager Plans: Vicky Guerrero Set For The Job

Michael PatrickCorrespondent IMay 11, 2010

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE brought Vickie Guerrero in to Raw last night to be the guest host of the show for this week only. WWE management has been considering other people to fill the role as the show's permanent GM, and while they decide on who, they made the move to bring Vickie in for last night's show. However, it's being said that management was amazed by how much heat Guerrero was able to draw last night and is now considering her for the GM role in a full-time capacity.

My Thought's

The fact that there could be a new GM sooner rather than later is great news. The WWE considering Vicky for the permanent role means this absurd Celebrity guest host concept will finally get the boot and Raw will become a much better program. So there will be more time for the talent on the roster to shine instead of being apart of the stupid comedy segments back stage. Lets hope this move comes soon because i am sick of seeing Celebritys who know nothing about the WWE run the show.