10 Things I've Learned during the 2010 NHL Playoffs

Scott WeldonCorrespondent IMay 11, 2010

10 Things I've Learned during the 2010 NHL Playoffs

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    I've been watching the NHL playoffs religiously since 1969. Yes, since Bobby Orr launched himself past the St. Louis Blues and into Stanley Cup history.

    Yet despite all that time watching Stanley Cup Playoffs I find there's always something new to learn or see every year. Sometimes those things are Sean Avery appalling, but more often than not they are Mario Lemieux amazing. These are the 10 new things I've seen or learned this playoff year.

10. San Jose Can Win a Second Round Playoff Series

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9. San Jose Can Beat Detroit in a Playoff Series

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8. Teams with Bad Goalies Can Now Win in the Playoffs

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    For years now net-sized pads, the neutral zone trap, and allowing defenses to tackle attackers has resulted in a premium in the playoffs on defense and great goaltending. Teams without goaltenders used to go nowhere and a team with nothing but a great goalie could make it to the Stanley Cup finals. Think Hasek and Buffalo or Kolzig and Washington or even Roy and the Canadiens or Calgary and Kiprusof. This year there are a pile of teams succeeding in the playoffs despite mediocre or worse goaltending.

7. The NHL Is Not the UFC

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6. All Is Well

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5. Every Team Does Have a Chance Once They Get in the Playoffs

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4. Phoenix Is Not Quite Dead Yet

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3. Good Organizations Rebuild in a Hurry

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2. The Most Unlikely Heroes Show up for the Playoffs

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1. It's Still Fun to Win

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