Should Chelsea Sell Drogba or Anelka?

Ramkumar SCorrespondent IMay 11, 2010

PORTO, PORTUGAL - NOVEMBER 25:  Nicolas Anelka of Chelsea (L) celebrates with Didier Drogba as he scores their first goal during the UEFA Champions League Group D match between FC Porto and Chelsea at the Estadio Do Dragao on November 25, 2009 in Porto, Portugal.  (Photo by Hamish Blair/Getty Images)
Hamish Blair/Getty Images

So rumors are floating around that Chelsea do not mind offloading Juliano Belleti, Deco, Ballack, Carvahlio, and perhaps even Joe Cole. Their decision to be more financially prudent and self sufficient is rumored to be the business reason.

On those lines I had a thought. Hear me out before you attack me. Im just floating this idea around to see if it makes sense. Chelsea are being linked to a few big name strikers—Aguero from Athletico Madrid, Torres from Liverpool, Higuain from Real Madrid, and Pato from AC Milan.

So if we are buying a young established striker then rest assured that one among Anelka and Drogba might be relegated to the bench (The new striker will surely be there cos Chelsea would not want Sheva 2.0 to be released).

It is also safe to assume that Drogba or Anelka, who ever is left on the bench will not be pleased, and given the age of Anelka and Drogba we can assume that selling one now when the value exists makes sound business sense.

Sell Anelka?

Anelka was bought by Avram Grant for a less than 15 million. Anelka has slick movement and passing. His movement troubles the defenders and he can play the wide man role with ease, setting up his team mates for plenty of goals. But he can be frustrating as a striker and can often go missing in games.

At 31 he will not fetch us much in the transfer market. But if we wait he will fetch us a lot less. If we chose to buy "Kun" Aguero then we can perhaps sell Anelka as Kun can play in the role of a striker as well as wide man.

Sell Drogba?

Drogba came to Chelsea much before Anelka did and has been the focal point of our attack ever since. His tall frame can trouble defenders, and he is a natural striker in every sense.

There is not much to criticize about his technique and he is adept at scoring using his feet as well as his head. Last year, Drogba's petulance in the first half of the season under an uninspiring Scolari led to many rumors of exit talks, with AC Milan seemingly interested in the Ivorian hitman. This season Drogba has turned the tide to win the golden boot at the age of 32.

While his age might hurt his transfer value, this season's adventure will surely see an increase in his transfer value compared to last year. Also, Chelsea should remember the fact that in a matter of few years they will have to find a replacement for Drogba—so it is not a question of 'should we replace,' but 'when should we replace,' and the rules of the stock market says—Buy Low Sell High.

I do not see Drogba having a higher transfer value than he has now. So, why not sell him and make a huge profit. Manchester United survived after selling Christiano Ronaldo, Juventus survived after selling Zidane, and Arsenal survived after selling Adebubbub...ummm Theiry Henry, so why cant we?

If we were to purchase Torres then he can very well slot into Drogba's shoes. If we are going after Pato from AC Milan then much better, we can swap Drogba and cash for Pato.

I personally am dead against selling either of them (for sentimental reasons), but I still see the business logic in that move and the question of whom to sell still remains unanswered with both players having distinctive pros and cons. What do you think is the right move for Chelsea?