Official -- Dunga Calls Up Brazil For The World Cup

Victor S@victorsContributor IMay 11, 2010

At 1PM, Dunga announced Brazil's team for the World Cup at the Hotel Windsor in Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro.

The team was literally the same as the one we saw against Ireland.  The most shocking change was Grafite over Adriano, who fell out of favor with Dunga due to training absences and poor attitude.  Many among the Brazil coaching staff in the run-up to the Ireland friendly were surprised at Grafite's ability to fit in with the squad on such short notice.  But, his lack of experience for Brazil has led many to question his inclusion.  His average season for Wolfsburg and fights with the coach are also cited as negatives.

In goal, many pundits in Brazil questioned the inclusion of Doni, who had been on Roma's bench for months.  Many had been calling for Victor from Gremio, arguably the best goalie playing in Brazil at the moment.

The rest of the squad offered no surprises.  Gilberto had not been a regular for Brazil in some time, but was called up in the recent Ireland game.  

Notably, there is no Ronaldinho, Ganso, or Neymar.  Kleberson had kept his spot, much to the surprise of the Brazilian media. 

In the press conference, Dunga stated that he wanted his players to be prepared to play 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 90 minutes, or none at all.

Dunga stated that he's been saying the same thing since his first game against Norway almost 4 years ago.  He emphasized cohesiveness -- team players.  Adriano fell out of favor because of this.  He was given his chances.  Dunga stated that on the other hand, a player like Grafite, he showed this in 5 minutes on the pitch.  He showed that he wanted to be there, Dunga said. 

He also emphasized that he is not preparing a team for 2014.  He is preparing for now.  The pressure is now not in 4 years.  So giving experience, according to Dunga, is irrelevant.  He stated that if it was for experience, he may as well have called up his own son, along with Jorginho's (his assistant coach).

Dunga's tone changed during the press conference, however.  He became irritated by one question in particular questioning his inclusion of bench players -- Baptista and Doni are both reserves on Roma.  He stated that it did not matter.  When Baptista was playing the Copa America in 2007, he was already a bench player.  With respect to Doni, Dunga stated that the player fell out of favor with Roma because he went to play against England in the Brazil friendly.  He felt that having a team atmosphere was important and he didnt want to damage morale by dropping players because they fell out of favor.

With respect to the left-backs, Dunga downplayed the fact that Bastos and Gilberto played as midfielders on their respective teams.  Jorginho jumped into the question, and stated that if anything, it is a benefit that these players can play another position.

On Kaka's form and injury-problems, Dunga stated that Brazil won the Copa America without him.  And naturally, if Kaka is not playing, the team will have to change, but that's expected, he stated.  The tools are there though.

A reported snidely commented that if Dunga were coach in 1958, he would not have called up Pele -- this was an allusion to Ganso and Neymar.  Dunga responded, by saying that Pele was Pele.  Even at 17 -- and on top that, he had already played for Brazil at that age, something that was not the case with Ganso and Neymar.

On Ronaldinho, Dunga stated that he plays on the left.  That's where he plays, so playing him in the middle just won't work.  Dunga reasoned that he has to look at how they played for Brazil.  Ronaldinho didn't show that in his time under Dunga.


Julio Cesar

Dani Alves
Michel Bastos

Thiago Silva

Gilberto Silva
Felipe Melo
Julio Baptista

Luis Fabiano



Reserves -- 

Alex - Chelsea
Marcelo - Real
Sandro - Inter
Ronaldinho - Milan
Carlos Eduardo - Hoffenhein
Ganso - Santos
Tardelli - Galo


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