Putting Lebron on Rondo Is a Mistake

Frankie Anetzberger@FXAContributor IIMay 11, 2010

It may seem like an optimistic option, however I believe putting the King on Rondo would end up hurting the Cavaliers. A completely different line-up would have to be created. Who is Mo Williams going to guard now? And who is going to guard Paul Pierce? I realize the Cavaliers switch on defense a lot anyways so sometimes Lebron could end up on Rondo, but specifically defending him all game would be a mistake. After game four, it makes you question the match up but the Cavaliers just need to get back on defense. I was at game four and the Cavaliers could have easily won the game. They had Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Rasheed Wallace all in foul trouble before halftime, the just failed to get back on defense. When Rondo is in the zone like he was Sunday, you just need all the help you can get.

As for game five, the Cavaliers need to dominate both half's. It's not about coming out strong in the first quarter or first half, it needs to be a complete effort throughout the entire game. It may come in spurts but the Cavaliers need to utilize their bench. Why did they resign Ilgauskas back if he doesn't even take his warm up's off? I don't think it's biased on my part to say Jamario Moon should get some more playing time, throw him on Rondo on some possessions. On Sunday, it seemed like the Cavaliers were puzzled and just threw the ball to Lebron and hoped for the best. Delonte West had a terrible game and J.J. Hickson never got going. 

I believe the biggest issue for the Cavaliers is rebounding. It was disgusting to see how many offensive rebounds the Celtics were getting Sunday. It seemed like there was maybe one or two players boxing out down low, and Rondo was able to get every long rebound. The guards, including Lebron, need to box out and fight for every rebound and loose ball. It is going to be hard to stop Rondo, but he is a facilitator. If he can't get his teammates involved he is limited.