The Way To End The PG Era

Steven KingContributor IMay 11, 2010

This is a very, very short article. I just want others thoughts.

There are twos ways that most of us have noticed.

First. End the guest host thing. Stop trying to get little kids ands fans of those people to watch, because you might get a few of those peoples fans...FOR THAT NIGHT!

It won't get the WWE new fans (Or very few new fans) and it drives away the old ones. Once I heard the rumor about them trying to get Miley Cyrus on there, I prematurely lost it. I hope it was a joke.

Second. Turn John Cena heel. Yup, you heard me, turn him heel. Now, if you've speent a couple of hours on this site, you'd notice all the people talking about it, but I haven't heard about it beaing a way to end this PG crap.

Simply put, cut the snakes head off and the body will die.