Hey Seattle, Can I Have A Refund?

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Hey Seattle, Can I Have A Refund?

"Refund? Refund? We don't give out refunds."

 -Ray Stoller, Dad in Breaking Away

So, the Seattle Sounders stink so bad this season that they had to give the fans back their money.

I'd say I'm surprised, but I'm not.

Seattle always has had, and always will have, fair weather fans.

They boo Ken Griffey Jr. because he's in a slump.

They don't support the Sonics, so they left town.

The Husky football team falls on hard times, and their stadium is half full.

The swan song is over, Seattle. Your Sounders are being exposed for the mediocre/awful team I predicted they would be.

No cohesion. No defense. No leadership.

And now an embarrassing 4-0 loss to the Galaxy.

Let's see how long those scarves keep flying now that the Sounders are starting to lose.

Let's hear the deafening sound of silence as the team fails to live up to expectations.

It's only going to get worse.

When the Portland Timbers enter the league next year, you'll have to contend with a real soccer team and true and loyal fans.

So I hope you enjoyed your Cinderella season last year.

It's already struck midnight.

Seattle Sounders FC

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