Why I Believe Rey Mysterio Should've Never Won The WHC

Christy BarberContributor IIMay 10, 2010

LAS VEGAS - DECEMBER 2:  (U.S. TABLOIDS OUT)   WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio walks on stage during the '1st Annual Video Game Awards' at the MGM Grand Garden Arena December 2, 2003 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The show premieres on Spike T.V. Thursday, December 4 at 9:00PM ET/PT.  (Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)
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I'm not a fan of Rey Mysterio but I do respect his in ring ability and his connection with the fans. In my opinion Rey Mysterio should've never been World Heavyweight Champion. I will not use Rey's size as a reason like a lot of other people do;however I will cite good reasons as to why I believe Rey shouldn't won the world title.

1. Rey Mysterio won the title because of Eddie Guerrero's death. After Eddie died Rey started to wear "EG" arm bands and paid homage to Eddie before or after nearly every match. Now I'm fine with Rey doing this but it really became obvious that the WWE was using Eddie's death to help push Rey at the 2006 RR. We had Rey backstage telling everyone how he was dedicating his win to Eddie and we also had Rey laughing up at the skys about how Eddie got him. When the match finally started we had Rey come out with a low rider and an Eddie Guerrero shirt on. After Rey won the match he began a feud with Randy Orton,who got Rey to accept a match at NOW for his mania main event by telling Rey that Eddie was in hell not heaven. This was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I couldn't believe that the WWE would actually tell Orton to say something like that. We move on to WM and Rey wins the world title after a less than 10 minute match which featured Kurt Angle and Randy Orton. After his match we had Rey become close with Chavo; who helped him in some of his matches. He also used Eddie's frogsplash as a finisher to beat JBL and retain his title. In my opinion had Eddie not died Rey would not have won the WHC much less the Royal Rumble.

2. His reign as champion was pathetic. Rey's reign as champion was one of the worst I've ever seen. We have the World Heavyweight Champion losing nearly all of his matches on his current brand and needing help from one of his friends to retain the title. I know that Rey was the "underdog" and the little guy that proved that he could hang with the big boys but having him look more like a guy who got lucky instead of guy that definitely was world champion material showed that the WWE never really intended on making him world champion.

3. He lacks the charisma and mic skills to be world champion. Rey Mysterio's popularity stems from his high flying and his mask. If you take away this from Rey you have a regular old wrestler. Lets not forget that his mic skills are sub par. These things to not equal world champion they equal a guy who every once in a while challenges for a world championship but never wins. I have a feeling that this is also the reason we will never see Rey as world champion again.

4. His david vs goliath storylines are played out. Besides being the underdog or the little guy that could what other role could Rey play that could be successful. He can't be a heel because his size would only make him look foolish and he's merchandise sales is too much for the WWE to throw away. What other role could you see Rey portraying besides the one he is currently portrays. The only other role I can see him portraying is a face that doesn't talk much and just goes out to the ring and wrestles, somewhat like Taker and Randy Orton. Rey's character will forever be the underdog and this will not equal to another world title run.

These are my opinions on why Rey should've never been world champion. Feel free to voice your opinions in the comments below.