And then there were 15?

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst IMay 10, 2010

The scuttlebutt circulating this afternoon is that the Big Ten has extended offers to Missouri, Nebraska, Notre Dame and Rutgers.

I have no idea if this is true, although this article says “‘multiple sources close to the negotiations’” support the claim.

The report goes on to say:

Missouri officials have been told by the Big Ten that they would like the expansion process to be wrapped up this summer.

Sources told WHB that the school would give a one-year notice to the Big 12 for the proposed shift in affiliation should it accept the offer.

Any such change would require approval from the Missouri Board of Regents.

According to the scenario presented by WHB, Missouri and Nebraska, which are members of the Big 12 Conference, would be the 12th and 13th teams to join the Big Ten.

If Notre Dame declines—the Irish, who are independent in football and members of the Big East Conference in other sports, have twice turned down overtures in the past—then Rutgers would be added as the 14th team and the Big Ten would decide whether to offer membership to two other institutions.

If the Irish and Rutgers accept the offer, the Big Ten would look to add one more school to bring its ranks to 16.

Feel free to shoot this post down as insidious rumor mongering and unfettered gullibility. Judging by the way this entire scene has played out, you are probably right.