WWE Should Hire Kimbo Slice

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WWE Should Hire Kimbo Slice
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Kimbo Slice lost his job today from the UFC and I believe the perfect new home for Kimbo is the WWE. With guys like Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashely moving into MMA, why can't guys like Kimbo move into wrestling?

Ok, I admit it, Kimbo Slice doesn't really have a great ground game, but this can be worked on. But there are a lot of positives for Kimbo that will help the WWE. Kimbo has the look and style of a hardcore fighter. He has a personality that will draw you in. He helped draw huge ratings for the Ultimate Fighter. If WWE can build the right storyline, Kimbo could help with the rating problem.

There are a lot of people still cheer for Kimbo.  He does have a huge fan base.  Kimbo is an internet sensation. 

Kimbo can move for a big guy. With Batista rumored to retire soon and HHH out on vacation, Kimbo could fill that void. He is also in great shape. With a little bit of time and effort, Kimbo Slice could be a great addition to the WWE. Bringing in Kimbo Slice will help shake things up in the WWE.

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