Oregon Ducks Upcoming

Tyler AndreassenCorrespondent IJuly 18, 2008

So my last article i wrote was how the Ducks line ups looked like and was surprised on how many people read it and posted comments on it.  Iread the comments and got a little knowledge on the upcoming season. I heard little quotes of maybe going to the BCS championship game and thought if these guys were either drunk or high. The majority of our team is composed of frosh. I think certainly we will make a bowl game and have 7 or 8 wins but nothing like last year ( before Dixon got hurt). In the upcoming years when Costa and our WR crew is more polished with expierience i think we may just have a shot at a BCS  championship game if we can get a good recruiting class the next couple years i think we will be a long term contender for a national championship. When you look at it this year all of are "tough" games are on the road and it really just doesnt add up in our favor this year.