Stupid Plans To Have 'Siamese Stadium' For Liverpool and Everton

Daniel GoochAnalyst IMay 10, 2010

Liverpool and Everton could share a revolutionary (and complete stupid) 'Siamese stadium' under new plans revealed in the Liverpool Echo.

Whats it about?

The two Merseyside side would effectively have separate grounds in Stanley Park, but would be connected by a central 'spine', where there would be collective facilities.

The group behind the idea is the Mersey Stadia-Connex group. They claim their design will save the clubs between £180m-£220m.

The blueprints for the stadium(s) shows a 60,000-seater ground for Liverpool and a 50,000 capacity for Everton.

The 10-story spine includes a 300-bed hotel, hospitality facilities, 150 executive boxes and a huge underground car park.

It proposes that it could be built as soon as 2013.

Liverpool announced an annual loss of £55 million, and think a "move to a larger stadium as a key requirement to improve the club's finances."

The red's plans for a new ground in Stanley Park have been put on hold, while american co-owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks try to sell the club.

However, the same optimism is not felt on the blue side of Liverpool. An Everton spokesman said the imaginative idea was "unworkable, unaffordable and undeliverable".

Thinking about this idea the big problem would be the fans.

If both teams have a home game, there will be 70,000 fans decending on the area supporting 4 different teams.

The siamese stadium is very imaginative, but I belive that it would be to problematic to have to teams with such rivalry playing side by side.