Byrd really did get screwed

Paul KasprzakContributor IMay 10, 2010

Last week it was reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter that Houston Texans outside linebacker Brian Cushings would be suspended the first four games of the upcoming 2010 National Football League season.

Today, Schefter reports, via, that Cushings failed the test back in Septemeber of last year, which means Byrd really did get screwed.

The problem that many other NFL fans and I see it is that the appeals process took way too long as he should have been suspended sometime last season. That would have made him ineligible for the Defensive Rookie of the Year award.

The NFL has been concisous about its perception from fans, which makes this report even more troubling.

Unfortunately, since he will be suspended in 2010 none of his awards will be stripped, because the rule is that a player is ineligble for awards and teh Pro Bowl in the same season that he serves his suspension.

In the end, the NFL is going to get ripped for the way it handled Cushing and they deserve every bit of it.