The War Is Over!: More WWE Fumbling is on the Way

Viggo DrakuvichCorrespondent IMay 10, 2010

NEW YORK - JUNE 12:  WWE Chairman Vince McMahon (C) congratulates winners Sarah Furhman (L) and Steve Rosenzweig at the announcement of the First McMahon Million Dollar Mania Winners at the Hard Rock Cafe June 12, 2008 in New York City.  (Photo by Will Ragozzino/Getty Images)
Will Ragozzino/Getty Images

With the Monday Night Wars are over and done, the people are dancing in the street.  There are those who have shouted, "We won!  The war is over."  It was a quick and decisive war with the King, Mr. McMahon staying dominant over the entire wrestling universe. 

Was this quick war good for the people?  The answer is simply, No.  Both WWE and TNA had there own battle plans.  TNA brought in Hogan and Bischoff.  They reintroduced known wrestlers, former WWE wrestlers, changed the ring to a standard 4 corners, and a whole bunch of weak storylines that were just a bit much.  WWE's battle plan, "What me, worry?"  There was no change and the war ended with TNA moving back to Thursdays. 

So who were the casualties here?  The fans.  Whether or not you are a TNA or WWE fan, the Monday night wars would have caused positive changes that just will not happen now.  Because of this quick victory, WWE will continue to make many fumbles before we see a product that will make us happy.

There have been changes made to the PPV names and line up in an attempt to shake things up and bring new interest into the PPVs.  WWE also raised the price of the PPVs.  Recent reports have indicated that PPV sales are down.  This is a WWE fumble.  Is there any hope for the new PPV, Over the Limit?  Well, we have a Swagger vs Big Show match and a repeat Hair vs joining SES match with Punk and Mysterio.  This just looks like a regular old PPV to me.

NXT ratings are down the tube.  WWE got rid of the low rated ECW and changed it out with the revolutionary NXT.  WWE messed up with ECW and having the PG era did not help the situation.  To solve this NXT was born.  This was suppose to change everything.  The world was going to view wrestling in a whole new light.  This has not happened.  These are two WWE fumbles.

The RAW guest host concept is another example of WWE not connecting with the fans.  We get to watch B-list stars and silly and dumb skits on Monday nights.  This concept was brought on by the new owner of WWE, Mr. Trump.  In a storyline that helped WWE lose money, Donald Trump became the new owner of WWE and introduced the guest host concept instead of a general manager.  So when the WWE revealed that the Donald as the owner was fake, they kept the guest hosts for over a year.  Recently at a shareholders meeting Stephanie McMahon mentioned how the guest host concept is the talk of Hollywood.  These two fumbles just makes us shake our heads.

The PG era is one big fumble with many mistakes hidden inside.  WWE has a no blood policy.  There are PPVs that just don't fit in the PG era (i.e. Extreme Rules).  ECW could not fit into the PG era.  The Divas division is failing in the PG era.  The writing just doesn't work in the PG era.  This is just a big mess for the WWE.

With the current trend of WWE decision making, I can only see more mistakes made in the future. The war is over but the fans lost and without the war the WWE will continue to make more fumbles and mistakes.