Chelsea's Premier League Win Signals End of Blues' Woes

Saura BhattacharjeeAnalyst IMay 10, 2010

The 2009/10 English Premier League season has finally come to an end. The Blue bandwagon has continued their impressive run, and Chelsea have brought back the Premier League title to Stamford Bridge after four long years.

It has been a season with one of the most exciting finishes in recent memory. Until the 32nd minute of the match, there was hope for United and scare in the minds of the Blues fans. But after Gary Caldwell's foul on Lampard earned Chelsea the penalty, which Frankie converted convincingly, every flicker of hope or scare was extinguished completely.

Then came a flurry of goals in the second half, a hat-trick from Golden Boot winner Didier Drogba, and goals from Kalou, Ashley Cole, and Anelka ended a poor day for Wigan. Roberto Martinez's team were demolished in style by Ancelotti's Blue juggernaut. The Wigan manager was left ruing his mistake after he stated that Chelsea would expect a tough fight from Wigan.

The title win has been long awaited, and achieving the trophy did a world of good for Chelsea. This league win will go a long way in ending various problems and negatives surrounding the Chelsea squad. Here a few improvements Chelsea needed and got with their league title.


Rumors were spreading around that Roman Abramovich was unhappy with Chelsea's lack of silverware over three seasons and was planning to sell the club. Failure to win the title would have sparked more such rumors which would result in dressing room unrest.

But with the 8-0 demolition and subsequent crowning as champions, any such rumors will be put to rest.

The win also signals bad news for the Blues' rival teams. After the league win, Abramovich will very likely give a huge fund to Ancelotti to go toward making new signings this transfer season.

The Blues' massive funds will surely reduce their rivals' hopes of making big signings by outbidding Chelsea.

End of "Special Era"

Chelsea fans had been unable, to date, to forget their most successful manager, Jose "Special One" Mourinho, who had brought the team glory before leaving the club agonizingly. After Mourinho's departure, three coaches had taken his responsibilities within a span of two years, but none were able to bring success for the Blues, much to the disappointment of the Chelsea fans.

The arrival of Ancelotti at Stamford Bridge signalled the start of new era, and expectations were high among fans who were waiting with bated breath to see whether Carlo could replace Mourinho as their "Special One."

With a Premier League title in his first season at Stamford Bridge, Ancelotti has already been crowned "King Carlo." Thus, this 2009/10 season spelled the end of post-Mourinho "mourning era" and the start of the "King Carlo" era.

A win at next week's FA Cup final will see Chelsea create history by winning an unprecedented Premier League and FA Cup double, which even the "Special One" failed to achieve during his tenure at London.


Chelsea had not won any major silverware in the last three years other than the FA Cup, and people were starting to question the quality and temperament of the squad. Many people even opined that Mourinho's departure had signalled the fall for the Blues. However, under "King Carlo" the Blues have emerged at the top of England's top flight again dousing any such doubts on their ability.

The Blues' impressive performance all season has proved all their critics' wrong. Chelsea's so-called ageing squad has gone on a record-breaking goal-scoring spree this season with a total of 103 league goals.

They have established themselves as the superpowers of European and English football. A Champions League title is all that is required to bring them at par with other European elites.


After three frustrating years for the Blues, which saw them miss league titles and Champions League wins by a whisker, this season has brought hope to everyone involved with Chelsea. The win has signalled the start of a new dawn at Stamford Bridge and rekindles hopes of the Blues winning the Champions League that they have missed so narrowly for the last couple of seasons.