jason hughesCorrespondent IMay 9, 2010

ODATE, JAPAN - AUGUST 06:  In this handout image provided by Pucchin Dog's, 'Love-Kun', a 3-day old chihuahua puppy with heart-shaped markings is presented to the media with his brothers at Pucchin Dog's on August 6, 2009  in Odate, Akita prefecture, Japan. The new puppy is the brother of  2-year old chihuahua 'Heart-Kun' who was also born with a perfect heart-shaped marking on his back from the same parents.  (Photo by Pucchin Dog's via Getty Images)
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AH...........brotherly love isn't it a site to behold, especially in the world of fighting, well fighting professionally that is. I would love to admit that all the poundings I gave my brother when were little is the reason i cant touch him with a ten foot pole now, I am probably right.

Mauricio has went on record before as saying the only two people he would never fight is his brother Maurilo and Wanderlei Silva, and as much as I have always hated the notion of professional fighters not having the stones to fight whoever is placed in front of them is kind of bad for the sport, mainly because you are really not fulfilling the requirements of the job you were signed to do.

But I can also understand the reasoning and do not fault what lies deep down in a man's heart and mind.

Mauricio "Shogun " RUA doesn't have to worry about that, lets face it he say's it but he does not have to worry about it either!

Wandelei Silva, who helped bring "Shogun" into this crazy world of fighting is not the same as Lyoto Machida wanting nothing to do with fighting Anderson Silva, and here is why.

Anderson Silva would hurt Lyoto, Wanderlei would not hurt "Shogun", the pupil past the teacher several yeas ago. 

Wanderlei no longer fights in the 205 division of MMA, that helps.

Anderson Silva could not only fight at 205 , but has and with good results, and in my opinion would more than likely beat Lyoto Machida, badly.

The people that ask these fighters who already know what they are gonna say before they ask them should go back to college and take a refresher course on journalism, my opinion , sorry.

Why would "Shogun" Rua even consider fighting his brother, "Ninja" Rua has to be the wost end of a sibling combo fighting ever inside the house, outside the house, in a bar, at the park, on the beach, at a club ,at thanksgiving, dinner playing horse on the basketball court, that exists in all of brothers fighting in professional sports. He is that bad and if the two would quit sparring, I think "Shogun" MIGHT RISE TO " SUPER STARDOM",I jest, I jest , SLIGHTLY!

Look , Rua saying he will not fight those two isn't even equal to Lyoto and Anderson refusing to fight each other as I believe Anderson Silva could take both Wanderlei and Ninja Rua in the cage, AT THE SAME TIME!

So when telling the world about the washed up Wanderlei and the "never was" Rua , just spare us the all the pain next time and just mention the 10,000 other fighters you would prefer.