The Mariners Can't Point Fingers, They Just Aren't Good

Micah ChenAnalyst IIIMay 9, 2010

SEATTLE - APRIL 30:  Franklin Gutierrez #21 of the Seattle Mariners warms up in the outfield prior to the game against the Texas Rangers at Safeco Field on April 30, 2010 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Well, nine straight losses by teams they thought they could beat, and we have to accept the fact, the Mariners simply are not panning out to expectations.  Too early in the season? I don't think so, almost a month and a half into it and they have already proven that they can't push runners across.

Heck, even Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez have been slight disappointments.  Felix Hernandez has blown two straight starts to end this losing streak.  And Cliff Lee was injured for the first month of the season.

In the past, the Mariners have had excuses, injuries, poor management, etc. 

In this situation though, nobody is getting seriously injured.  It's just they... suck?  Sorry to use such a strong word, but a Mariner batting .220 is considered swinging a hot bat.  I mean, really, let's look up and down their roster in terms of batting average.

1. Franklin Guiterrez (.322)

2. Ichiro Suzuki (.315)

3. Jack Wilson (.253)

That's right, the third hottest bat on the Mariners is... Jack Wilson, their No. 9 hitter.

Then there is GRIFFEY at .216.  Their fourth best batter is Ken Griffey Jr.  Yeah I know that OBP and homeruns could determine a batters strength.  But the fact is, nobody besides Guti, Suzuki, and Wilson are batting higher than .216. 

It's like they don't even care anymore. 

Last night's game, 18 runners got on base, only three scored, you got to get at least five or six of those runners in to remain competitive.  The Mariners just can't hit in the clutch.  Scratch that, they can't hit period.

It's becoming ridiculous.  They are last or nearly last in every major hitting category.  Pitching and Defense can only get you so far in this league.  You have to have some pop in your bat.

It's not like the clubhouse chemistry is bad, it's not like everybody is injured, it's just nobody is meeting expectations.  Or maybe there never were any expectations?

How good did you actually expect Griffey to be, did you really think Rob Johnson could get it done, Casey Kotchman has disappointed everywhere he's gone, then there's, Langerhans, Byrnes, Saunders, Josh Wilson, all these people I've named are really good... as backups.

The only batters any pitcher could even REMOTELY respect is Suzuki and Gutierrez, the rest are just throwaways.

The Mariners can't expect things to come together, they have to spend a few bucks on an at least above average hitter to get back in the race.  Luck can only get you so far in this league, if you want to go all the way, your not going to get their with this kind of lineup.