UFC 113: The Machida Challenge Loser's Video

Robert GardnerSenior Analyst IMay 9, 2010

As many of you already know, last week B/R MMA FC Joe Schafer threw out a challenge to some members of the MMA community.

Being a person who enjoys a good challenge, I humbly accepted his terms.

The bet was simple: In honor of Lyoto Machida's morning ritual of drinking his own urine the loser of the challenge would have to drink a cup of their urine and post the video to their Facebook page.

Mr. Schafer put his support behind Shogun Rua and I decided to back the champ, Lyoto Machida.

Well if you watched UFC 113 you already know what happened. Rua came out fierce and aggressive and he brought the fight to Machida.

The fight never even made it out of the first round as Rua dropped Machida with a stiff punch and then pounced to finish the fight with unanswered punches from the mount position.

Rua's power and aggression not only won him the UFC light-heavyweight title last night, but it also sealed my fate as the challenge loser.

So without any further ado please click on the video link below and enjoy the footage of me owning up and paying of the bet.