UFC 113 Results: Matt Mitrione Beats Kimbo Slice But Some MMA Fans Never Learn

Kevin SampsonCorrespondent IIIMay 9, 2010

What an amazing night of fights!

Okay, so my wife and I went to the local Buffalo Wild Wings -- a local sports bar -- because they have good chicken wings and we also wanted to watch UFC 113 at the same time. 

It’s always a different experience to watch the UFC event at a sports bar rather than at home.  You have a collection of idiots watching and commenting, and you can’t hear the commentary by Rogan and Goldberg. 

How many times does it have to be said, Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson is extremely, extremely, extremely over-rated!  It was so predictable!  The instant Kimbo Slice was introduced, a flood of recognition and awe swept through the local Buffalo Wild Wings -- and that was on the only time that wave of awe and recognition happened all night!

Granted, Kimbo is actually a nice guy.  Sure he’s a very down to earth and likable and all that.  But he most certainly is not a legend of mixed martial arts! 

Kimbo did have a few small glimmers of success in the fight.  Two slams in the first round were exciting.  Then Kimbo all but gift wrapped and hand delivered one submission opening after another to Mitrione.

I’ve got to say, Matt Mitrione definitely looked a bit awkward with his strikes and he looked a bit awkward with his ground game.  But awkward or not, Mitrione’s game was  effective and head and shoulders better than Kimbo Slice. 

Not much was said by the bar crowd peanut gallery as the fight continued to progress.  Things continued to go worse and worse for Kimbo. 

Mitrione chopped Kimbo’s leg out from under him – almost too easily.  Mitrione seemed to remember how to defend a takedown, and stuffed all further attempts by Kimbo. 

With Mitrione soundly beating him in every aspect of MMA, somewhere in the second round, Kimbo  seems to have simply shut down and quit.

As Matt Mitrione held Slice down and pounded his way to victory, Kimbo fans everywhere were once again disappointed to realize the truth:  Not only is Kimbo Slice mortal.  He really isn’t a very good fighter after all.  It’s quite possible that he never was. 

But for some reason, Kimbo Slice is a lesson that casual fans never seem to grasp.  Just because a guy looks scary and tough and did a bunch of youtube videos does not mean he’s actually the greatest fighter in the world.

Meanwhile, Matt Mitrione’s star is rising.  I’ve noticed an interesting parallel.  Matt Mitrione is extremely similar to George Foreman as a fighter.  Like Foreman, Matt’s punches and strikes look slow and unimpressive, but they’re hitting a lot harder than you think they are.  Also like Foreman, Mitrone is extremely durable and very difficult to hurt. 

Mitrione might just be the most bizarre head case we’ve ever seen in the UFC.  Guys like Junie Browning with psychotic fits of violence are a little easier to understand.  Afterall, violence sort of fits in with being a fighter. 

But Mitrione is a different sort.  He comes across as just plain weird, and not a violent weird at all.  The truly difficult part is trying to separate how much is an act and how much is just Matt Mitrione being himself. 

But the all important fact is, Matt Mitrione just keeps winning.  He’s 2-0 in the UFC now.  It will be interesting to see how long it takes UFC fans to stop doubting Meathead.

UFC fans will continue to be disappointed by two things:
A.) No TUF 10 cast member is going to "teach Matt Mitrione a lesson" for all of his head games on the show.  Those that can beat him have bigger fish to fry at this point. 
B.) Kimbo Slice will continue to lose to anyone but hand-picked tomato cans.

If you want to take some lesson from this fight, just forget about Kimbo already!  Kimbo Slice is not part of the lesson of the day.  Today’s lesson is that Matt Mitrione might just be one of the best raw prospects in the UFC today.

At least Dana White knows which way the wind is blowing.  He confirmed that Kimbo Slice will likely be cut from the UFC in the post-fight press conference.