What Still Seperates Kobe From Lebron?

Jacob ClarkContributor IMay 8, 2010

We have researched and reasearched and nobody could find out what seperated Kobe from Lebron. And yes there is a difference, While Lebron has size, Kobe has quickness, don't get me wrong LeBron does too.

Lebron is that guy that is going to muscle his way into the paint and get his points, then resort to shooting. Kobe on the other hand is going to shoot his mid range jump shoots, but still drive to the paint.

So say that the difference from Lebron then Kobe, is Kobe has more range but Lebron has the power to get his to the line, put if you look closely at these two great players. Lebron gets into the paint a little better then Kobe, but Kobes range is a little better then Lebrons. So that evens it out in the end, so other then the teams they play for why does Kobe have so many rings, to Lebrons zero?

Kobe has so many rings because of his team around him but is it his abililty to keep his team in the game? No because Lebron also does that. What seperates Kobe from Lebron, is Kobes is so clutch, and he can take control of the game until someone else starts to get hot. Lebron doesn't. No i am not dissing Lebron.

I truely think that the only reason Kobe can do this, is because of his experience. A couple more years, in the NBA ,I think Lebron can learn to do that, and possible become the best player in Nba History? who knows