Matt Hardy: Finally Some Light at The End Of The Tunnel?

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Matt Hardy: Finally Some Light at The End Of The Tunnel?

With Matt Hardy's recent involvement with Drew McIntyre on Smackdown, I started to think: is Matt Hardy in line for a push of some sort?

On last Friday's Smackdown, Matt opened the show and actually cut a promo in front of the crowd, a thing which is very rare in Hardy's recent career.

Matt did a good job and once again sold the attack to perfection. It has been a long time since Hardy has been featured so prominently on a WWE show.

I for one, loved the ''I will not die'' Matt Hardy. He had some great matches with Edge and Kane during his stint on Raw.

Hell, he was a great ECW and United States champion as well.

Matt has had a very average career, with no real stand out achievements. He has always been second best to his brother, who is much more unstable and unreliable than Matt.

So, after a long stint in WWE in which Matt has shown the company impeccable loyalty, are they finally going to repay him with a decent push?

Or, are they just throwing him a bone that will lead him nowhere just to keep him from signing with TNA?

Thanks for reading. Please let your opinion be known by leaving comments below.

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