The WWE Creative Team Is Not Good Lately. Even Vince McMahon Said So.

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IMay 8, 2010


''In his conference call today, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon said that WrestleMania didn't measure up to what they hoped for when it came to money and while he labeled it good, he said it wasn't great. McMahon didn't want to blame the economy like everyone else does for the poor number but simply blamed it on the creative process.''  (1)

If even Vince McMahon agrees the WWE creative doesn't deliver good stuff lately, can we expect major changes in a near future?  Will they get new members on the creative team?

I think this is good news for the fans if the big boss also considers the creative is not doing a good job as of late.  At least I'm not the only one, with a good bunch of fans, to consider the last Wrestlemania as not outstanding, to have been just an other pay-per-view.

I really like the fact McMahon doesn't only blame the financial crisis for the lower Wrestlemania 26 buy rate.  That means he realizes there is something wrong and only he can do something to improve the product.  

With 85,000 less buys for this year's Wrestlemania compared to last year, that shows the hype was not big enough.  

The fans are always expecting the best feuds from the best wrestlers in the business, and let's be honest, Wrestlemania did not meet the expectations.

Some said McMahon doesn't care about the old-school fans, but those results might make him change his mind.  They can't always ignore those who usually buy the pay-per-view events; the old-school fans are now adults and are a big part when the time comes to buy a pay-per-view.

That being said, I hope a serious time for changes is coming and they will come back to the basics of the wrestling business and to learn again the art of story-telling.


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