Terry to Los Angeles: Kings Hire Another Murray as Head Coach

Reed KaufmanCorrespondent IJuly 18, 2008

The Los Angeles Kings have hired yet another Murray to head up the bench in L.A. Though he is not related to former Kings coach Andy Murray, he is the brother of former Ducks coach and General Manager Bryan Murray.

Murray has had some success in the NHL, taking the Flyers to the Stanley Cup Finals and the Capitals to the Eastern Conference Finals.

He has spent his recent years as the assistant coach in Philadelphia.

As a Kings fan, I don't hate this move but I also don't love it. I had my heart set on John Tortorella, the recently-departed Tampa Bay Lighting coach, who lead them to a Stanley Cup championship in 2003-04. Tortorella has always been a shoot-from-the-hip talker, especially to the media, and does not screw around when selecting which goalies are playing.

Terry Murray joins the club in a time of some uncertainty, so perhaps he fits right in.

Oddly, in the press conference announcing his position, Dean Lombardi also said that everyone recognizes that this is going to be a long process, and we will be patient.

Not that this isn't accurate, but it was a little strange hearing it from the horse's mouth. How about a little exaggerated optimism, huh?