Cubs Desperate For Starlin Castro

Bullpen BrianCorrespondent IMay 8, 2010

Bitter sweet arrival for Starlin Castro.

He’s here because the Cubs are desperate…desperate for a spark…desperate for dear life…desperate in ways they shouldn’t be.

At the very least, the youngster knows how to say HELLO…setting a major league record with six RBI in his debut!

Truth be told, however, there’s no telling if Castro’s arrival will propel the Cubs any closer to St. Louis…who’s pulling away so quickly the Cubs might disappear from the rear view mirror come June.

But it’s clearly a start back in the right direction…albeit a desperate one, but a start, nonetheless.

Will a 20-year-old rookie phenom save the season? Honestly, who knows?

But unfortunately, that’s the state of the Cubs…simply desperate for hope.