Kane, The Big Red Jobber

What EVERContributor IMay 7, 2010

Ah Kane, The Big Read Monster, The Big Read Machine, but he is now known by a different name. "The Big Red Jobber", which is more true than his other nicknames. After watching SmackDown, I have come to the conclusion that Kane is just a Big Red Pussy. He was to face Jack Swagger tonight, but he got his Big Red ass kicked. Kane really only got a minimal amount before Big Show interrupted. Then out of nowhere, Swagger went on the offensive and DESTROYED Kane. He began to ram Kane's chest in to the turnbuckles. And that was a "disqualification". People have used the turnbuckles to attack since the WWE was know as the WWF. And just because they were trying to hid Kane's "jobberness", they called for a rather stupid end to a rather stupid match. And even after Kane caught Swagger from behind, he still got his ass kicked! I think it is time for Glenn Jacobs to switch to TNA, where he will be treated like a wrestler, not a jobber. I swear, on his Wikipedia article, it says prof