8 Players Wenger Should Consider Signing For Arsenal

11 GunnersContributor IMay 7, 2010
Chamakh to join the Gunners?

Chamakh to join the Gunners?

Arsenal have been pretty good this season, it’s a shame the players are ending the season the way they currently are, with what simply looks like a total lack of interest, as if they feel secure with 3rd place.

The summer ahead, however, will hopefully involve wheeling and dealing in the transfer market, I believe Wenger will sign at the most four players, because 1) he won’t have the money for more, and 2) it would show he has no faith in the players he ‘believes’ in.

Here is a brief introduction to some players I feel would help out the team a lot, and all of whom could more than likely be purchased with the right offer.

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Marouane Chamakh:

He turned 26 this January, so he does have experience, which I see Wenger targeting, he has himself confirmed that he will join Arsenal, and when you see the problems we had in the December/January period with strikers, being forced to play Arshavin through the middle, a new striker can’t be frowned upon.

Joe Hart:

Joe is a 23 year-old ‘keeper, who has impressed hugely at Birmingham City this season, being a key member of their failed Europe bid, but the failure was through no fault of his own. In front of a better defence he could certainly claim the crown of one of the best ‘keepers in the world and with him being so young, he fits Wenger’s ideal signing.

Shay Given is keeping him out of the Man City side, and I think a bid from between £10 million – £15 million could force City to accept, as he’d himself want some first-team football next season.

We need more 'Hart' between the sticks!
We need more ‘Hart’ between the sticks!

Jerome Boateng:

Standing at 6’2, Boateng is not your traditional, small, Arsenal centre-half; but teams have identified the long ball route as a way of beating Arsenal, as they generally have small players, but if Boateng was signed, ideas such as Stoke’s long throw in would be less effective.

He has been touted for Man City to sign him this summer, so Arsene may find himself with some difficult opposition, but owing to Spuds beating City, thus leaving City in only the Europa League, Arsenal will have some extra leverage over the player. It could take a bid of around £9 million to persuade Hamburg to sell.

Heading away trouble!?
Heading away trouble!?

Gianluigi Buffon:

Won’t happen if Wenger succeeds in signing Hart, but the Italian has been linked in the Italian press of wanting a move to the Premier League, preferably a club like Arsenal, in need of a ‘keeper and in the Champions League.

However I do have some doubts about his back, as he has been playing since he was just 17, admittedly not playing many games at that time, but has had injuries in recent years, and his performances have been less outstanding than previously, 32 years old so probably not a long-term solution. But a talented and experienced world class shot-stopper nonetheless, a bid of around £8 million could work.

Benn there, done that!
Benn there, done that!

Yoann Gourcuff:

Gourcuff only signed for Bordeaux this summer, so another switch isn’t likely, but Arsenal are in need of a central midfielder, and he is one of the best around for his age, has experience of winning, which critics say is Arsenal’s biggest problem.

I imagine a larger bid, in the region of £14 million would be needed, he could be persuaded to move by his team-mate and good friend Chamakh!

French Fiesta - He'll get the Goonerettes all excited!
French Fiesta – He’ll get the Goonerettes all excited!

Mario Balotelli:

Controversial forward for Inter, Mourinho has made no secret of the pair’s differences, and now it looks like he will leave this summer.

A talented youngster, with pace, strength, and no lack of potential, but with a nasty temper, and the all too occasional sulk, can Le Professor turn this talent into a world-beater? Only one way to find out! Inter could accept around £9 million.

Flawed Genius!?
Flawed Genius!?

Sol Campbell & William Gallas:

Ok, so technically not new signings, but both have their contracts out this summer. It is essential both are renewed, this has been undoubtedly Gallas’ best season for Arsenal, and possibly the best in his career. Let’s not forget, the breakdown of negotiations occurred over the length of his contract, rather than pay.

Campbell has been a key member since re-joining Arsenal at the end of January. Many doubted the big man, myself included, as just a 35 year-old signed by a foolish Wenger (that wasn’t me!) but he’s performed better than most of the team, showing determination and a passion to play for Arsenal, which has been somewhat lacking from others at times. Experienced winner, and cares for the team, worth an extra 12 months.

Leading without the 'band'!
Leading without the ‘band’!
Aging like wine!
Aging like an English wine!

These are few players I’d want to see in an Arsenal ‘Red & White’ next season. Let me know what your thoughts are? Cheers!

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