Williaims-Cintron: Williams Looks To Cement No. 3 Pound For Pound

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IMay 7, 2010

When it comes to top 10 pound for pound lists, spots one and two are easy. They are Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao in whatever order.

When you get to the three spot it starts to get murky for most. As far as I am concerned, No. 3 belongs to Paul Williams.

The man is a freak of a nature and anyone would have a tough time beating him. He is currently on a five fight winning streak dating back to 2008.

During this streak, he avenged his only loss (Carlos Quintana), knocked out a tough veteran (Verno Phillips), ended the world class hopes of a defensive wizard (Winky Wright), and beat the current middleweight title holder who is the hottest fighter in the game (Sergio Martinez).

Despite this hot run, he is getting very little love. When people talk pound for pound, he seems to be forgotten.

He fights this weekend against Kermit Cintron. Cintron is a very good fighter and a very live underdog but Williams should handle him with relative ease.

Cintron had good power but has never knocked out any of his top opponents. I also think that he is being overvalued by beating a slow footed and limited Alfredo Angulo.

The Angulo win was nice but it pales in comparison to the Martinez win for Williams. Williams will be the bigger more busy man tomorrow night and the better boxer.

If Cintron wins, it would be a upset no doubt. He does have a chance however, as he has the power in his right hand. If it becomes a brawl he could win at any moment.

Williams is a southpaw and the right hand is known as the southpaw killer. Also, Williams has a somewhat weak chin and is there to be hit, as he is always throwing.

I just think though that Williams is the better fighter and will get the win. He just has to much skill in my eyes and that will lead him to a win.

Now to a little rant on Williams. It really bothers me that everyone says Mayweather-Pacquiao is the only fight out there.

How about Williams against either one of them? He has huge size, listed at 6’1” but looks closer to 6’3” and never stops punching.

Mayweather is a defensive wizard but it is hard to cover up when the other fighter never stops throwing. Also, Williams would have a huge reach advantage and could stay on the outside away from Mayweather’s precision punching.

Pacquiao has never fought anyone nearly this tall, and has a 67 inch reach compared to Williams' 82 inch reach. Also, the southpaw advantage would be gone because Williams is a southpaw and has fought many in his career.

Also, Pacquiao is the one who usually overwhelms his opponents with punches but that may be negated to due to Williams style.

It all depends on Williams and his ability to get back to 147. For any of this to happen he will need to worry about beating Cintron and cementing the No. 3 pound for pound spot.