Survey Says…

Ron KaplanContributor IMay 7, 2010


Today’s Wall Street Journal ran this extensive article about the differences (and similarities) between Met and Yankee fans. I took a brief online interactive survey, which incorrectly rendered me a fan of the Bronx bombers. (Only 14 people took the poll, which indicates that WSJ readers have better things to do with their time).

I really enjoy what they’ve done with their sports section (they started one, for one thing). The articles are just about always interesting and the writers employ a combination of humor, intelligence, and depth of knowledge. It’s also kind of quaint how they refer to the athletes so respectfully ("Mr. Manuel might be tempted to use (Francisco Rodriguez) more in non-save situations").

The only "problem" is that there are actually two separate sports pages, at least for the time being: one in the new "Greater New York" section (as the Journal seeks to woo readers away from the Times) that focuses on the local franchises, and another page in the "Personal Journal" section of a more general nature. In this day and age (hey, my paper cut out the sports section altogether. One loyal reader called in suggesting we cut the obituary section instead), can organizations be so generous with the real estate?