My Draft Pick For 2009

Steve TerryAnalyst IJuly 18, 2008

If you are like me, you would think that the Leafs will finish near the bottom this year. I do not think this is a bad thing.

Because of John Tavares you may ask.


I have done some looking at the Junior talent and the draft pick I think the Leafs should make this year is Magnus Pääjärvi.

This kid is a six-foot-one, 200 pound scoring machine. If you don't believe me, check youtube.

His ability to plow through people and still hold the puck is "jaw dropping!" He can stick handle like a beast while keeping his head up and watching for the pass. Magnus Pääjärvi has the ability to make players stop and watch while he "dipsy-doodles" around.

So it doesn't matter if the Leafs don't get the first draft pick which will most likely be John Tavares.

Magnus Pääjärvi will be the big talent that will catch everyone's eyes in the NHL. Don't worry if the Leafs do better than expected. This draft is deep and there is talent that will out shine Tavares.