Wrestling's Five Strangest Storylines

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Wrestling's Five Strangest Storylines

Spontaneous combustion, the Bermuda Triangle, and Buff Bagwell's mother on a pole—Some things defy explanation.

Try as we might, it's almost impossible to get inside the head of a wrestling writer.

Just as a superior race of aliens would look down upon us as unintelligent worms, we look down on members of creative as unintelligent worms.

In their defense, it isn't always creative who have creative control and some of the most idiotic decisions come from the very top.

I genuinely hope the decision in 2009 to put Shane McMahon, a non-wrestler, over three of the top heels in the company, Legacy, in a three-on-one match was the result of mini-McMahon's ego and not a thought out strategy.

Compared with Vince Russo of course, Shane-O-Mac's ego is as small and ineffectual as Vince Russo's mind.

Clearly the list of woeful, abysmal storylines is longer than a Goldberg winning streak and so the following are composed of not necessarily the worst, but quite arguably the weirdest Wrestling directions.

The list begins with...

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