12 Missed Games, 2 Red Cards & 1 Injury Cant Hold CR9 Down

anon anonContributor IMay 7, 2010

MADRID, SPAIN - MAY 02:  Cristiano Ronaldo (L) of Real Madrid celebrates scoring his sides last minute winning goal with his teammate Sergio Ramos during the La Liga match between Real Madrid and Osasuna at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on May 2, 2010 in Madrid, Spain. Real Madrid won the match 3-2.  (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)
Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

Whilst reviewing the newly hailed Hero of Spanish football Cristiano Ronaldos performance on the pitch over the last 4 games for Real Madrid, we see how his attitude and determination have helped him to succeed in the fight for the La Liga title.

This is undoubtedly the best year of Cristiano Ronaldo’s professional career, and it’s not even over just yet.

Having transferred from Manchester United for a phenomenal fee of 80 Million Euros, CR9 has successfully silenced his critics by proving his worth with 29 goals in 31 matches.

For many a fit striker this is a near impossible record to achieve even without injury, suspension and/or the fact that they are adjusting to a new team, style of play, culture and language.

 But the Hero of Today’s football both in the Spanish Capital and the world over has not given up trying and it is his persistence and consistent battle to be better than his own self rather than a rival such as Messi that gives him the edge over other players.  

This winning mentality of improving one’s own technique, skill and mastery on the pitch is what sets the Men from the Boys.

Speaking in a post match interview after the 3-2 win against Osasuna on the 1st of May 2010, Cristiano having scored 2 goals, one of which was a miracle header, stated that he “was satisfied with the way he has played since joining Real Madrid last summer.”  

He confirms that the injury he suffered at the beginning of the season cost him 12 missed games and Real Madrid an unexpected early exit from the UEFA Champions Leagues.  

To make matters worse the Ballon D’or winner was subjected to 2 Red cards against Malaga and Almeria leading to his sending off and 2 match ban. All these factors alone could have been enough for any sportsman to lay low and go with the flow. But not for this Los Blancos Angel, who  has already got the top football competition accolades with Manchester United both collectively and as an individual.

We are impressed each time he steps onto the pitch and he shows his ambition to strive and get his current team the trophies and titles promised, giving all that he has to offer and some more.

Recovering from his injury and returning from suspension we the fans saw a totally new player,  this time someone who was not afraid to take centre stage, especially  in the last 4 matches played in the La Liga competiton.  Yet he is modest, eager to learn and will happily share the triumph with his team mates even with all the credit due to his own hard work and exceptional talent for keeping the Whites in the competition.

It seems that the crucial period spent by CR9 on the sidelines gave him a more mature outlook to the way he needs to prepare himself. The game of footbal is forever changing and new tactics and strategies are being commonly used by the opposing teams.  His new style shows him to be more wary of other factors which can determine the winner of a game, and that’s not just by scoring goals. 

We are now so accustomed to injured players being fouled more often than others, as to irritate injuries. We have seen in matches such as Manchester United Vs Bayern Munich UEFA Quarter finals 2010, where yellow carded players such as Rafeallo are provoked, red carded and forced to walk off the pitch, allowing opposing teams like in this instance, Bayern Munich to reach the Semi- Finals of the UEFA Champions League.  This was clearly a strategy, fair or not, and gave Bayern the Win that they wanted.

Similarly we saw how Inter-Milan Vs Barcelona in the Semi – final for the same competiton used the ball to hand tactic to throw the Barcelona strikers off their marks when they were set to strike.

This can be perceived as pure genius from Jose Mourhino who wants to win, win and win. But the other side of the debate is still ongoing as to the rules needing to be changed and regulated to prevent these kinds of mind games.

But Real Madrid do not have such managers to fear and will be playing an Away game with Real Mallorca tonight 4th May 2010 in Palma Sports City. The mission here is clear and losing is not an option as the 3 points are desperately needed to beat Barcelona to the Top of the League Table.

For a player who has scored 29 goals out of 31 matches, this is definitely possible. Especially with his confidence, skills and engineered precision for not only taking power driven strikes but for free kicks and headers plus assists, high morale and a dedicated work ethic. He puts passion into his games and this is what will see him beat his own records and perform to the highest of levels. He is an example to the rest of the Squad and Football itself and can carry both his League Team and National Team Portugal towards a win, with or without pressure.

Therefore critics can now officially put their negativity to the side, stop whinging about the waste of funds and simply accept the fact that Mr Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely one in 80 million.