Bengals Sign Charles Manson To Two-Year Deal

JT SchroderContributor IMay 7, 2010

After signing Adam "Pacman" Jones to a two year deal today, the Cincinnati Bengals have announced they are going to add Charles Manson to their roster this upcoming season."We believe in giving people second chances" boasted Bengals owner and GM Mike Brown. "While Charles may not have the physical tools to be a starter, he certainly will be an asset in the locker room."

Manson, unavailable for comment, has been reportedly doing extra one-handed push ups in his prison cell to prepare for his future as a Bengal.  An anonymous source at the prison claims that Manson has been a fan of the Bengals and has completely dedicated himself for the next phase of his life.

After numerous visits to Corcoran State Prison in Central California, Marvin Lewis was impressed with Manson's dedication and overall football knowledge.

"I think he will really help the other players buy into our system" added Bengal's Coach Marvin Lewis.

"No one knows how to motivate a player like Charles Manson.  And he'll feel right at home being surrounded by other criminals" said Bengals strength and conditioning coach Chip Morton.

Staying true to their criminal-friendly approach, the Bengals are currently in negotiations to sign OJ Simpson.