The Ultimate Fighter 11: Episode Six Recap

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2017

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The show started with Kyacey Uscola questioning Ortiz’s pre-fight preparation.


Uscola blames McCray’s loss to Bryant due to over training.



Team Liddell Training Session


Chuck Liddell congratulated Bryant for winning his fight and giving them match control again.


Liddell hypes Court McGee.



At the House


Yager and McCray talked about his fight and disagreement with Uscola assessment of Ortiz’s training.



Team Ortiz Training Session


Hammortree and Nick Ring believed that the training is good and disagreed with Uscola.


Tito Ortiz confronted Uscola about his statements after McCray’s fight.


Ortiz reminded Uscola that he was sucking wind a lot when he first started with him and how much he has improved because of his training.



Coaches Challenge


Dana White announced that this year’s challenge will be dodge ball.


The first team to win three matches wins the challenge. The coach will be rewarded 10 thousand and the team members will get one thousand.


Liddell threw rockets at Team Ortiz.


Team Liddell won the first match by last picking off Ortiz.


In the second match, it was down to Liddell and Ortiz. Liddell bombed on Ortiz’s to win the second match.


In the third match, Liddell and Ortiz are the last men standing. Liddell eliminates Ortiz to win the cash.


Liddell did his classic winning pose and screamed like he just won the world championship.



Fight Announcement


Chuck Liddell announced he has chosen Court McGhee to face TUF favorite, Nick Ring.


Nick Ring faces off with Court McGee and does a stereotypical “sassy” pose not often seen in the environment of fighting.



Team Liddell Training Session


Court McGhee is preparing for his fight. McGee and Liddell are aware of Nick Ring’s skills.



At the House


Court McGee revealed his previous addiction to drugs and alcohol. He told the story about how he overdosed and nearly died.



Team Ortiz Training Session


Hammortree was injured during a take down. He was taken out on a stretcher.


Ortiz talked about Nick Ring being his top pick. Nick Ring said he doesn’t feel any added pressure.



Official Weigh-In


Both fighters weigh in without a hitch.


Uscola and Hammortree are confident in Nick Ring.


Team Liddell’s Anttonito said that Team Ortiz coined Nick Ring has their top guy but felt that McGee could pull off the upset.





Round One


The fighters touched gloves in the center of the cage. McGee hit Ring with a few light jabs and took him down.


Ring took away McGee’s offense from the guard.


Ring landed some strong leg kicks.


Both fighters traded strikes with Ring getting the best of them.

McGee attempted another take down but was stuffed by Ring. Ring goes for his back but ended up in McGee’s half guard.


Ring attempted the pass but McGee replaced full guard.


Ring landed a few shots from the top position but none of them were vicious.



Round Two


Round two started with both fighters trading kicks and light punches.


Nick Ring looked like was hurting McGee with his leg strikes.


Ring appeared to keep trying to reach for the clinch.


They both fight from the inside for a short time with McGee getting the best of those exchanges.


McGee attempted a head kick but missed and was greeted by an inside leg kick from Ring.


Ring landed some soft knees to McGee’s thigh from the clinch.



Winner Announcement


Yager argued with Liddell about the scoring.


Ortiz criticized Ring for not listening to him.


Liddell believed Ring only laid on him in the first round.


Nick Ring is announced the winner of the bout by majority decision.



Post Fight


Liddell was visibly upset with the decision.


Liddell told McGee that he won the fight.



Highlights for the next episode


The final first round match will take place.


The wild card match is announced.


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