Viggo Predicts: Jeff Hardy Goes To Jail

Viggo DrakuvichCorrespondent IMay 6, 2010

Viggo has made a prediction and you may not like it, but Jeff Hardy is going to jail.  Now, anything is possible when you are a celebrity, but I believe Hardy will at least be put on some sort of probation but will probably spend some time behind bars.  Hardy's trial will begin on May 10th.

Hardy was not busted with just a small amount of drugs for personal use.  He has been charged with the intent to deliver drugs, possesion of cocaine, and other serious charges.  He was arrested on September 11th, 2009 and according to the police report, it states that the search of his home yielded 262 Vicodin prescription pills, 180 Soma prescription pills, 555 milliliters of anabolic steroids, a residual amount of powder cocaine and items of drug paraphernalia.

This is serious and I was actually shocked to see Hardy join up with TNA.  Does TNA have some some sort of wellness policy?  If not, they need one.  This is a huge risk for TNA especially if Hardy does get convicted of these charges.  

I can see what Jeff Hardy is doing.  He is wrestling and on the surface it appears that he is not taking this seriously and that it will all go away.  If Hardy believes he innocent, then that must make everything ok.  Just ignore it and it may go away.  Don't get me wrong, this make work for him, but it is a huge gamble.

If convicted of all charges, Jeff Hardy could face up to 14 years behind bars.