Bugs Take Down Oilers

Sean StoneCorrespondent INovember 10, 2007


Last night was the first time in over seven months that I saw the Mudbugs win a game, and it was definitely a good feeling.

For the most part, the game was straight up boring. Neither team could get anything done in the offensive zone (I credit the Mudbugs stellar defense and terrible offense for that). Even though both teams got plenty of shots on goal, there were very few legit scoring chances. As a result of the boring play, the crowd was not into the game at all and the arena was very quiet.

As the game wore on, though, the Bugs started putting more and more pressure on the Oilers defense and goalie, St Pierre (who did actually play). Eventually, with just under seven minutes left in the game, Karlis Zirnis set up Joe Ori with a sick pass, and Ori was able to send it into the net, and the Centurytel Center into celebration.

Game Notes:

-John Decaro recorded his 3rd career shut out.

-Karlis Zirnis got his first point of the season with his sweet feed to Joe Ori.

-Speaking of Joe, he now leads the team with four goals.

-3,456 was the announced attendance

-The Bugs now have a combined +4 on the season

Next Game

The Bugs' next game is at home against Austin tomorrow night. I dont think I have seen the Ice Bats win in the CTC—I may have to do some research on that.

Also: I will do my first college football post by the end of the weekend