Patriots need to step up

Paul KasprzakContributor IMay 5, 2010

Being a father myself I know how it is to see a kids face when they learn that something isn’t happening.

To hear that the the kids at Lebanon Middle School Lebanon, CT were totally misled it broke my heart, and if the New England Patriots really are a first class organization they will step up and take responsibility.

According to the Norwhich Bulletin, via, the school participated in the NFL Play 60 program and were rewarded a visit from the Patriots, which would include “celebrity coaches”.

However, just a Patriots intern and a Patriots spokesman was suppose to be people like the mayor.

Are you kidding?

Nobody is going to believe that line of garbage as the fact of the matter is that it was probably suppose to be some coaches and players, but since rookie camp started Tuesday head coach Bill Belichick probably said no way and instead sent a measly intern.

You can bet that the if the Patriots haven’t received a phone call from National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell they will be getting one very soon.

In the end, if the Patriots had any class they won’t need that call and send some players right away.