Mailbag Question: Regarding Coach Frey blog

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Mailbag Question: Regarding Coach Frey blog

Can you go more into detail of what your new offensive line article with Coach Frey? Can you go more into "the dummy version" for us that are not so football smart or know the coach speak?



Thanks for the question and yes, you are not alone. We have gotten many e-mails over this matter and we hope this will help us all. Coach Frey calls what he teaches zone reach scheme. What this means is offensive linemen will all step in the same direction and a zone, not a man in that direction.

Offensive Linemen Stance:

1) Shoulder width, which mean your feet are shoulder width apart.

2) Toes over shoulders, means toes should be in line with shoulders.

3) Knees over toes, means legs are from knee down are in straight line.

Coach Frey looks for in offensive linemen these three things.

1) Explosion, with the ability to come off ball hard from stance.

2) Nastiness, This is dirty business playing in trenches and you had better be mean!

3) Quickness to second level, this scheme will not work if you do not block linebackers or safeties filling. Offensive linemen need to be quick enough to block line of scrimmage, but then come off double team and block defenders at linebacker’s level.


1) Pound the earth: Football is game of leverage- The way offensive linemen get leverage is pushing off the ground under them. When you pound the earth, you generate that power and advantage to move the line of scrimmage and defenders on line of scrimmage.

2) Footwork for offensive center is double. Because center is generally uncovered, he will need to take more steps then other offensive linemen.

3) Aiming point is defenders outside number; you try to give offensive linemen landmarks to make it easier for them to understand exactly what you want. Outside number, being big target is easy to see and get to. This also allows offensive linemen to cover up defensive linemen. By covering, you allow running back to read your block and make proper cut.

4) Do not lose ground on second step. First step in zone blocking is lateral step. If not careful hard charging defensive linemen or blitzing linebacker will push offensive linemen into the backfield. If that happens, you take away the cutback and change the running backs course. Penetration, offensive linemen getting pushed back is death to zone blocking.

5) Cover number and play through armpit. We already talked about aiming point; know you finish your block by driving through defenders armpit. This gives both vertical and sideline movement from offensive linemen. Moving defender whichever way they want to move makes offensive linemen’s job much easier.

6) Right through chin. This mean you are playing with leverage again. If my eye is at chin level then my helmet is under defenders helmet, my shoulder pads are under defenders pads. No matter your blocking schemes, low man still wins. Therefore, as offensive linemen by playing right eye through chin, I gain both playing lower leverage, and gain proper body position of covering the defender.

Hope this answers any questions. If you still do not understand something, just ask specific question and we will be more than happy to answer additional questions.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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