Mailbag Question: Regarding the defense

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Mailbag Question: Regarding the defense

How will Coach Shafer's defense compare with Coach English's defense last year and what will be the differences.

Also, how will recruiting possible change with the defense type of player?

Will the new program make more of a change for the defense or will coach Shafer philosophy?



Thanks for the question. Both last year and this year are base 4-3 teams. Therefore, the base formations and sets will look similar. That is about the end of the similarities.

The philosophies and schemes that are used are all different. Defensive Ends are about getting up field and defensive tackles will be required to get penetration, just not hold the gaps. Biggest difference in base is in secondary play.

Coach English played mostly three deep with some man and a very little cover two sprinkled in.

Coach Shafer believes in press coverage on the corners playing cover 2 or 4 in secondary. Another major difference is the nickel package. Last year Michigan played some 3-3 and some 4-2 for nickel. This year Michigan will be playing his Okie 8 scheme. That seems to be a combination of 3-3 personnel playing a type 3-4 package.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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